Troiareuke Cushion H+ C23

Troiareuke Cushion H+ C23


Troiareuke Cushion H+ C23

I purchased this Trioareuka cushion on the recommendation of the blogger I follow but it didn’t work well for me.
This cushion only has two colors, 21 and 23. This is number 23, the darkest they have but it is still very light.

It has a thick texture and takes time to blend.
The coverage is good though it covers pores and blackheads on my nose smoothly.
Although I prefer lighter coverage so this one doesn’t fit.
I also tried using BeautyBlender but it turned out patchy which is another minus point for me.

The one I ordered is the H+ cushion which is a dry skin formula but it is still matte, not the dewy or glowing as I expected from a Korean cushion at all.

The price is in the middle range, $38 is quite high for Korean cushion but you got one extra applicator as well.

Troiareuke is famous for its A+ cushion, acne skin formula, but I’m not the acne-prone type skin so I wouldn’t know if it is as good as other people say.
You can try that formula but my suggestion is your skin has to be light.
Medium skin tone or darker than NC 25 like mine wouldn’t match.

Troiareuke Cushion H+ C23⠀

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